Comic Fiesta is one of Southeast Asia’s largest and longest-running animation, comics and games (ACG) event. We gather tens of thousands of comic artists, illustrators, cosplayers and fans of the culture every year!



The electrifying band MYTH & ROID featuring Tom-H@ck & KIHOW has had music featured in hit series such as Re:Zero, Overlord and Saga of Tanya the Evil! Catch them closing Comic Fiesta 2018 on a high note!


kors k

Known for his compositions for rhythm games on multiple platforms such as Beatmania IIDX, Pop'n Music, Dance Dance Revolution among others, kors k is, by far, one of the most variated music artists inside BEMANI.



Ryu☆, one of the most active artists in BEMANI, having at least one new song for each new game on almost every active BEMANI series. He is also proficient in dance music like bubblegum dance, handz up and lately, EDM and dubstep.



YUC'e is the composer of the popular EDM track Future Cake which topped Spotify charts in 2017. Also the official remixer of anime Bakemonogatari, arcade card game Aikatsu, Japanese hip hop band m-flo and musician Dean Fujioka, this EDM rising star has performed in Japan, the United State and Singapore and is performing for the first time in Malaysia!


DJ Sunamori

Starting out as a composer and author, Taketeru Sunamori presented his first sound novel movie on Niconico Douga and became the first generation of Net-Creator(s) in Japan. He later branched out into composing game music including for Square-Enix’s smash hit game “Grimmsnotes”.


HaneAme 雨波

With a whooping 222,000 fans on Facebook, Taiwanese cosplayer HaneAme 雨波 creates waves wherever she is in the world with her truly impressive costume making and crafting skills.


Isis Vasconcellos

With over 1.4 million subscribers on Youtube and 3 million fans on Facebook, Isis is known for her anime music covers and her game streams!



South Korean cosplayer Pion has inspired many from around the world gaining her fans from the United States, Portugal, Mexico, Guam, Indonesia and of course, Malaysia!


雞鴉戰隊 (Fancy Frontier)

Originating from Taiwan and formed in 2010, 雞鴉戰隊 are a group of close friends whose main focus was to go out for food and drinks together and cosplay being the secondary focus. As the winners of Fancy Frontier’s cosplay competition, they are excited to be performing on the stage of Comic Fiesta 2018!


Kazuya Masumoto, the founder and managing director of Studio TRIGGER and Mago, character designer and illustrator at Studio TRIGGER with assistant producer Taguchi Shoichiro is best known for being a part of Darling in the Franxx, Little WItch Academia, Kill la Kill and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt among others!



The manga artist behind the mega popular slice of life comedy Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san makes an appearance at Comic Fiesta 2018! Signing sessions, an exclusive stage segment and a Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san exhibition will be held at the event so be sure not to miss this!


Nishii Terumi

Nishii Terumi, a Japanese animator and character designer is most noteworthy for her contribution to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Death Note, Gurren Lagann and Gintama among others.


Kristina N.

Kristina N. is an illustrator living in California, who enjoys eating good food and being a hermit with her dog. Previously a concept and background artist, she is now a full time webcomic artist running her own series on Webtoons.



Shilin is a Canadian artist and creator of digital paintings and manga/comics. She is best known for her two original comic series, CARCIPHONA and AMONGST US, which she writes, draws, and has arranged to be published in three languages. Outside of comic work, she occasionally does official art work for companies such as RIOT GAMES.



Day One | 22 December 2018 | Saturday
Day Two | 23 December 2018 | Sunday


10am – 7pm
( Massive queues expected, so be early! )


Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre ( KLCC )