While chasing down a lead for a mafia case, two detectives unexpectedly stumbled upon a complex plot of developing and mass-producing a miniaturized nuclear weapon, which involves certain foreign powers and a local mafia boss, with the help of a captured nuclear scientist.

Along the way, they come across a mysterious spy that seems to be working towards to thwart the nuclear plans, but might have his own agendas for doing so.




A talented but opinionated, strong-minded ex-cop who decided to open her own detective agency with her partner, Tea. She will always try to keep up with latest fashion trends. Being highly resourceful and athletic, she is able to improvise her way out of various situations all the time. She trusts her instincts and will always act before thinking. The guts of the partnership.

Prop: Umbrella with a hidden blade/gun



Tech Support Guy

A stern and disciplined genius tinkerer who also specializes in gathering information. Runs the detective agency along with his partner Coffy. Always angry at Coffy for blowing up his gadgets and inventions. A reliable mission support which provides useful information in order to carry out investigations and missions smoothly with low failure rate. The brains of the partnership.

Prop: Clunky but feature-rich PDA



Evil Mastermind

A fashionable cute but smart local mafia boss. One of the masterminds of the nuclear weapon plan. Having condescending attitude which refuses herself to listen to others’ opinions. Feels overconfident that her plans are perfect and no one is able to stop her. She does have a warm heart inside, though extremely difficult to tell from her cool and merciless exterior.

Prop: Hand fan



Nuclear Scientist

An intimidatingly huge but gentle giant panda. Master of nuclear energy research. He got captured by Mi to develop the secret nuclear weapon in an undisclosed location. An introvert, thus enjoy working alone, but not under the 24/7 surveillance from Mi’s henchmen. Constantly chewing on bamboo to maintain energy levels.

Prop: Miniaturized nuclear fuel cell



Spy/Double Agent

A double-faced spy with slick, combed hair and Chevron moustache, which acts as his personal identity. Enjoys showing off everything he owns, but hates to wear his spy goggles because it messes with his hair. Determined to bring down the nuclear weapon plan. However, his motive of doing so, as well as which organization he works for, remain unknown.

Prop: Spy goggles


Character designs by wickedalucard for Comic Fiesta 2019