As announced in 2017, we would like to once again remind attendees to adhere closely to the law for the safety of everyone involved in the event. Kindly do not bring realistic replicas or props that look similar to real guns. Note that realistic replicas and imitation arms are illegal by nature and we hope attendees will respect the law.

All weapons, real and imitation are strictly prohibited. These include:

  • Sharp metal items (any exposed sharp metal points)

  • Firearms (including airsoft rifles)

  • Explosives of any kind (including those that produce sparks)

  • Devices that emit fire

  • Devices that shoot projectiles (including water and foam darts)

  • Devices that generate smoke or confetti

  • Devices that emit excessive noise or light

Throwing, pointing, swinging, brandishing or mock fighting with weapons or props is prohibited.

All props and weapons must be brought to the Prop Check Counter for approval. Here is the approval process:

  • Bring the prop/weapon to the Prop Check Counter at the main entrance. A staff member will assess the risk factor of your prop/weapon within the convention.

  • Kindly provide your particulars if requested.

  • If your prop/weapon is approved, the prop/weapon will be tagged and returned to you.

  • The tag provided must be kept on the weapon for the duration of the convention and may not be removed for as long as you are within the convention area.

  • The tag should be replaced at the Prop Check Counter if it goes missing.

  • If your prop/weapon is deemed too risky, you may either leave it for storage with the Prop Check Counter and continue with your visit or remove it from the convention area immediately.

  • Any cosplayer found within the convention area with an untagged prop/weapon or is handling his/her prop/weapon irresponsibly, the prop/weapon may be requested to be reassessed by the Prop Check Counter.

  • All decisions by event security staff is final.

We reserve the right to confiscate any prop/weapon for violations of the props/weapons policy, intentional removal of prop tags or if a prop/weapon that we have already rejected is found in the convention area.

Confiscated weapons must be collected from the Prop Check Counter after the end of the convention or upon your departure by turning over your ticket at the Prop Check Counter immediately before you leave.

Violation of these rules or failure to cooperate may result in your removal and subsequently, banning from the convention.

Under the Law of Malaysia, Section 36 of the Firearms Act 1960 - Possession of and importation of imitation arms, by sny person who shall import or have in his possession or custody an imitation arm shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit, or to both.