Day 1


The Ship Sails

Start your journey to Comic Fiesta with an opening show to remember!

Invitational Crossover: 雞鴉戰隊

As the winners of Fancy Frontier (Taiwan)’s cosplay competition, 雞鴉戰隊 perform a special segment on Comic Fiesta’s stage as part of the Cosplay Invitational’s cosplay cultural exchange initiative.

Studio TRIGGER Live Drawing featuring Mago

Mago & Kazuya Masumoto of Studio TRIGGER present an exclusive live drawing demo on Comic Fiesta’s stage!


Cosplay Invitational

Seven of the best teams of Malaysian cosplay are to compete for this annual all-star competition on the Comic Fiesta stage! With such passionate competitors, who would be the winner of the 4th Cosplay Invitational?  


Isis Vasconcellos

Having performed all over the world including Japan, Isis will be taking the stage at Comic Fiesta with her beautiful renditions of the most popular anime music!

DJ Sunamori

Hyping up the Comic Fiesta stage and keeping the energy flowing is DJ Sunamori, the composer of Square-Enix’s smash hit game “Grimmsnotes”!


DJ NIGHT: Sound of the Pathfinder

Our Comic Fiesta DJ night will be featuring the trio from Exit Tunes - kors k, Ryu☆ and YUC’e back to back as you dance your heart out to the craziest dance-off ever!